Filter Levels in Depth

Level One: BASIC Filter

Designed to block access to basic garbage content on the web. This includes any adult-oriented websites etc. This level also includes Video and Image Searches, Peer-to-Peer programs, File-Sharing websites, Personals and Dating, Social Networking, and Proxy websites.


Level 2 adds to the protection of level 1 by also blocking Malicious Websites, Banner Ads, and websites which offer chats..

Chat rooms allow many people to contact one another while hiding their own identity. This obviously can lead to downfalls and unwanted material reaching you. The risks of chat rooms are well known and have been publicized in many places. Level 2 gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are protected from these dangers.


Level 3 adds on to your security by adding websites that deal with Entertainment, Lifestyle sites and magazines, Humor, sites that promote illegal drugs, and illegal activities and Blogs.


The below options are available to be allowed or blocked on all levels

  • Shopping,
  • Inappropriate and annoying Ads
  • Image Searches
  • Mehadrin Advanced Image filtering (see below)
  • News
  • Shopping
  • Google Search

You can also customize the filter by requesting specific bypasses or blocks for sites. You can thus block all Entertainment sites by default, but still have one such site open.
Note that as per the instructions we received from our Rabbinical advisors, Social Networking sites (such as Facebook) and free video-hosting sites (such as YouTube or Vimeo) are always blocked, and cannot be added to a bypass.

Email Only

Access is available only to the Jnet Mail website. Mail programs (such as Outlook) can be used to access any POP3 mail accounts. This level also allows the computer to download updates for the most common Antivirus software (Mcaffee, Symantec, AVG), and to download Windows updates.


Access is available only to the websites that the customer specifies. Other sites are not allowed. The list can be updated and sites added or removed. All requests must be received by e-mail (for record-keeping), even if the customer speaks to a Filter support agent.

Mehadrin Advanced Image filter

The Mehadrin filter utilizes groundbreaking filtering technology to further maximize the protection of your line.
This filter examines pictures in all viewed web-pages, searching for skin colors. If a picture is found to contain skin colors, the picture may be altered or entirely removed. This is based on the percentage of the skin colors in the image, as compared to the entire image.
Below a minimum amount, no action is taken. If the skin colors comprise a percentage above that threshold, those sections of the image are colorized black. If the percentage hits an upper threshold, the entire image is replaced with a solid color. This technology allows you to view pages where the text content is fine, but the accompanying images may be immodest.
The Image Filter is offered in three strengths. Higher levels mean the threshold is lower, so images with less skin content are also blocked.