The Safest Connection

The never-ending Internet ‘cat and mouse’ dilemma:

Today’s internet consists of many billions of pages with new content being added every hour of the day. Determining which new sites have improper images and other inappropriate materials has become an impossible catch up game.

The only dynamic content and image filtering solution available today is JNET.

JNET is the largest kosher filter provider in the US and Growing. JNET has been servicing the evolving changes of the internet and our community needs for over a decade. JNET is a dynamic filter that reads the contents of a page in real-time.

JNET is the only filtering solution that offers an image filtering option, capable of altering or removing pictures based on skin tone. ‘FREE’ solutions do not have image filtering and use static database lookups to determine the identity of a site. Sites that they deem acceptable have images and content that are all-too-often inappropriate or not suitable for your values.