ISP Filtering

Your home and business depend on Internet connectivity for educational purposes, shopping, and to connect to your customers, vendors, salespeople, and other on-line resources.
Unfiltered connectivity is unsafe for your family and unproductive for your business.

JNET from Xchange Telecom a leading ISP-integrated Internet filtering solution that offers dynamic content filtering with real-time image scanning. JNET filters all Internet traffic traveling over your connection, independent of your computers and their operating systems, including the newest PCs running Windows 8 or Macs running OS X Mountain Lion.

JNET performs dynamic content analysis by examining the content, construction, and context of every web page in real-time to block undesirable content. It is the only image-filtering solution capable of recognizing inappropriate images based on skin tone and then altering or removing them.

JNET performs Website Signature Scanning preventing the use of anonymous proxies and filters, including SSL-encrypted websites. This is all done without compromising your personal and financial information.

JNET is one of the largest Internet filter providers in the US and Canadian markets, servicing our customers’ needs for over a decade; meeting and overcoming the challenges of the Internet.

  • Customizable Multiple Filtering Levels
  • Residential & Business Protection
  • ISP Based Protection – Always On
  • Works with all Computers and all Operating Systems
  • Dynamic Content Filtering
  • Real-time Image Scanning
  • No Software or Downloads needed
  • Individual White Lists
  • CIPA Compliant