How to setup a new whitelist.


  1. Open a new e-mail message addressed to
    • The subject will be NEW ORDER with your customer id.
  2. Return to your Internet browser window(I.e chrome,Firefox,internet explorer), and begin going to the sites you want to include on your list.
    • Make sure you log in to those areas in the sites where you need to log in.
    • Try to browse to as many items within the sites as you can.
  3. Right Click on the address of the site and choose “copy” to “Copy the address to your Clipboard”.
  4. Once you are done with each site, return to the empty email, and right click/Paste the address into the message body.
  5. Send the message to us.

If your list is long, and you want to split the process over several days, you can paste the information into a Word document, and save the document for further use. When you are done, send us the entire document by attaching it to an e-mail message.